Flame-retardant paper
Flame-retardant material is analysed and recovered with CDD special solution.

Flame retardant paper, Nomex®, has many applications including its use in the manufacture of personal protection garments to help protect Formula 1 drivers and fire-fighters from flash fires, and is used in the fireproof honeycomb structures incorporated into the Airbus A380 wide-body aircraft.  The material contains heavy metal additives (for example bismuth). This paper had been produced for many years, with the off-cuts of the material being baled and stored, due to the difficulty associated with disposal.

CDD has developed a special Xray inspection to accurately measure the concentration of heavy metal components, by core-sampling and analysing the bales. This has resulted in recovery of nearly 2500 tonnes of material, with blending of the paper to specific grades, producing both financial and sustainability benefits.