High Performance Air-Cooled Monoblock
 An exceptionally reliable range of air-cooled generators, incorporating automatic logging and storage of oil temperature, cooling performance and critical parameters. 

The Xray generator is the most important part of the system. In many cases, it is also seen as the most unreliable component – and an understanding of the failure mechanisms makes the reason for this clear. The Cheyney development team has more than 30 years of experience operating and studying Xray systems under continuous operating conditions.

The Cheyney XG series represent a paradigm shift towards achieving maximum reliability from the generator. Important factors in the design of a generator include accurate control of the cooling system and oil temperature, precise monitoring of arc events and open loop conditions, and detailed attention to high frequency power circuitry. Furthermore, it is important to have an accurate and continuous record of the generator’s operating parameters. All of these features have been incorporated into the new XG series generator range. The units feature low voltage supply, integrated cooling, shielding to conformance with 21CFR 1020.40 and a choice of beryllium window or glass inserts. For higher power requirements, refer to XH series recirculating oil Xray generator range.

The XG range includes a unique facility for continuously monitoring a series of critical parameters, such as arc events, fault conditions and cooling system performance. In particular, the temperature of the oil in the monoblock is monitored every one minute for the lifetime of the generator, and stored in non-volatile memory. As a result, it is possible to reliably and accurately diagnose when a generator has been operated outside safe operating conditions, and to take corrective action.