CDD Hardware Control Cards
 End-of-line Xray stsyems comprise a series of mandatory hardware interface functions. A family of Xray Control Circuits is avalible to implement this in a robust and simple way. 

The Xray Control Circuit brings together all of the hardware functions needed to build a complete Xray system. The circuit comprises a microcontroller with input/output circuits which communicates with the computer via a USB or RS232 serial channel, so that the various functions can be controlled. The Xray Control Circuit checks and monitors the state of all the safety interlocks connected to the Xray system, and interfaces with the Safety Relay. It maintains the state of the lamp-stack and monitors the condition of the lamps, as required by law.

It controls the reject outputs and uses encoder signals or timers to produce precise activation of the rejectors and confirms correct ejection of the product. All outputs are protected and monitored.

As part of this control and monitoring process, the Xray Control circuit will identify a series of fault or warning conditions. These may be written to an event log. The entire Control Circuit makes a standalone sub-assembly which makes the system as a whole, very serviceable and easy to maintain, and is fully conformant with the Code of Practice of major retailers.


Xray Control Circuit controls: