CDD Image acquisition cards
Compleate range of data capture cards for realtime Xray detectors, and other data sources inculding vison, laser scanning and load cells.

The CDD200 and CDD300 series of data capture cards represent the most comprehensive range of high speed data acquisition cards for the capture and processing of real time
Xray image data. Compatible with PCI and PCI Express bus standards, they offer a range of detector interfaces, such as Low Voltage Differential Signaling (LVDS) and Camera Link.

The cards incorporate integrated image buffers, and frame or trigger inputs from parallel or radiographic sources. In addition, there are facilities for multiple lane operation, in which a single detector may be segmented, thereby providing multiple image sources. The capture cards may be operated in frame-grab mode, in which the image is assimilated in the on-board buffers under the control of the trigger signals, or in DMA mode, in which the image may be transferred directly to the CPU memory. 

Included in the range are compatible cards for a variety of associated data sources, including line scan cameras, laser scanning units, and other analogue sources such as load cells.